Friday, September 24, 2010


Something to get to know me better (?) and I kinda just want to type it..

I'm in my third year in university. I started out with a Mechanical Engineering major because of some dammed classes in my high school that encouraged engineering and made it "fun." I thought building bridges and towers out of balsa wood was fun at the time (as did everyone), so I thought engineering would be cool. Also, I thought I would look cool if I said I was an engineering major. Anyway, I started out in my current uni and took the general beginning classes like math, chem, and physics, but I also took electives here and there like philosophy, history, and poli sci. At the end of my first year I had almost failed a math class and decided I hated engineering. I decided I liked political science and took more classes of that. I wanted to double major in poli sci and economics (I took some econ classes as a requirement for poli sci and they seemed awesome). It all seemed cool until I hit the advanced classes for poli sci which made it extremely dry and boring (what do black pregnant women think of democratic candidates? let's read 10 pages about it!). I still love economics and I am taking advanced classes for it but I can't go on with poli sci because I absolutely hate writing papers that require a shit ton of reading and in the end repeat what the readings say or say nothing (fuck journal articles). So I'm kind of stuck now. I have no idea what to double major in and I should double major in something because econ has very few units (the units required for econ+poli sci don't even come close to those required for mech engineering). I was thinking something like business, administration, or marketing but I feel like those are way too casual and it would look like I was just wasting time and money in uni...
So my question is: What's a good major that could go with economics? or in other words: WAT DO?


I'll post more entertaining stuff, don't worry. Just felt like ranting.


  1. Answering your question from my blog:

    Go with your gut man. You've got friends to play with, so, to me, this says Reach. All I've heard about is how great it is from my bros. Too bad I'm a poorfag who can't afford it. But if you're a strategy game whore like I am, Civ V will be tempting as you could easily put over 9000 hours of fun into it.

    It's your call man, I think you'd win either way.

  2. My first major was Architecture when I started university, for the exact same reason. Building models out of balsa wood and coming up with conceptual building solutions was awesome. Then the math, physics and boring construction classes took their toll and I became more interested in film editing, and that's where I am now.

    You could try taking marketing or some shit with econ.

  3. Can't help you, but I know where you are coming from. I switched majors 4-5 times. It's really frustrating.

  4. You've got to let the bile out somehow, dude. I feel you :)