Tuesday, September 28, 2010


DAMN broke 100 followers already. I want to thank all of you for supporting and following me. Seriously, you guys are awesome.
I'm sorry for being unoriginal but here's some STUFF:


And now for some Mass Effect!

Evil Shepard is best Shepard


 Obligatory TF2

 Some Garrus being boss

Never made a female Shep but I've always wanted to sex Garrus... I mean who doesn't?

 It's not just that Jacob is black but he's also so damn boring

And of course

So like I was saying I've never made a female Shep. I tried once but it just felt weird. I tried to make her hot so I could stare at dat ass all day, but I couldn't relate to her or anything ya' kno? Anyway I've only played through each ME a couple of times. I recently started a ME1 Insanity play through and made a Vanguard Shep but that shit is hard... A lot of things drop me in one hit and my teammates usually die quickly, any tips?

Also, I forgot how much I don't like Ashley and how awesome Wrex is.

So what are you guys' experience with Mass Effect/ME2? Any input is welcome and once again thank you for your support!

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Incomplete comic

So I was looking through some stoner comics and being somewhat high I decided to make my own. It started out ok but damn paint sure is hard to use. I figured I'd have to work hard to finish it and gave up on it midway.. this is what I got so far. That was like a week ago. Figured I'd probably never finish it so I'll post it anyway and maybe someone else can (plz?).

So the story goes like this:
Me and my friend got pretty baked one night and were driving around San Francisco (3 am, no people, awesome). I'd never been to chinatown and when we bumped into it I was so damn amazed. At 4 am it was full of people in the streets, all stores were open and there were huge flashing signs everywhere. We decided to eat some chinese food (duh, what else?) and found parking after circling chinatown like 10 times. This part actually sucked because I drive a stick and chinatown is kind of on a hill so we had to go up and down. Anyway we find a chinese food restaurant and ordered fried rice. Shit took forever but they finally brought me my plate and it was fucking delicious. My friend was pretty sad because they took longer on his plate. After a while, the old angry asian lady brought him his plate and he was as happy as one can be, but there was no fork.. We asked her for a fork and when she came she simply took my friend's plate away without a word and put it on someone else's table. We were like 'wat' and after we realized what had just happened my friend was in between crying and raging, while I was laughing my ass off. After a while of me laughing and him crying they finally brought him another plate, a group of people with eyes red as hell came in and we all ate happily ever after. Fin.


Something to get to know me better (?) and I kinda just want to type it..

I'm in my third year in university. I started out with a Mechanical Engineering major because of some dammed classes in my high school that encouraged engineering and made it "fun." I thought building bridges and towers out of balsa wood was fun at the time (as did everyone), so I thought engineering would be cool. Also, I thought I would look cool if I said I was an engineering major. Anyway, I started out in my current uni and took the general beginning classes like math, chem, and physics, but I also took electives here and there like philosophy, history, and poli sci. At the end of my first year I had almost failed a math class and decided I hated engineering. I decided I liked political science and took more classes of that. I wanted to double major in poli sci and economics (I took some econ classes as a requirement for poli sci and they seemed awesome). It all seemed cool until I hit the advanced classes for poli sci which made it extremely dry and boring (what do black pregnant women think of democratic candidates? let's read 10 pages about it!). I still love economics and I am taking advanced classes for it but I can't go on with poli sci because I absolutely hate writing papers that require a shit ton of reading and in the end repeat what the readings say or say nothing (fuck journal articles). So I'm kind of stuck now. I have no idea what to double major in and I should double major in something because econ has very few units (the units required for econ+poli sci don't even come close to those required for mech engineering). I was thinking something like business, administration, or marketing but I feel like those are way too casual and it would look like I was just wasting time and money in uni...
So my question is: What's a good major that could go with economics? or in other words: WAT DO?


I'll post more entertaining stuff, don't worry. Just felt like ranting.